X axis of stats graph showing hex numbers

  1. Best way to see problem is a screenshot

    Obviously I would expect the X axis to show values in decimal.

    This is on a moto g5 plus, Android 8.1.0
    Self hosted 5.1? Latest version
    App 11.7

  2. Hi there 123host,

    Thanks for sharing that screenshot, it certainly isn't displaying how we would expect the X Axis to show. I have passed this onto our developers to take a look at, and we are investigating what might be causing this.

    For me to see more information about what might be going wrong, could you please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us", making sure to let us know the address (URL) of the site you're having problems with along with any additional details you feel might be relevant to our troubleshooting.

  3. Message sent.

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