WP for android causing IP block

  1. Every time I make an attempt to upload a file from WP for android my home IP is blocked for 10 minutes. I have successfully uploaded 1 file but then my ip is blocked. Attempts at more than 1 image result in all failing and my ip is blocked.

    I can't seem to use any part of the app, but I can see my published pages. And once I saw my previously uploaded media, but no longer.

    I'm getting tired troubleshooting and having 1 chance every 10 minutes. What started as a simple way to upload media from my phone has turned into an all day event.

  2. It sounds like your web host is blocking the type of traffic that comes from the app for some reason.

    Would it be possible for you to contact your web host and ask for the server logs matching with a timestamp from one of the times when one of your file uploads triggered their block?

    May I ask how big the files are, and what type?

    Would you mind mentioning what web host you are using? It would be good to keep an eye out to see if others who are using the same web host are experiencing the same problem.

  3. Sorry for the late response.

    The files are various sizes, images from my mobile device. I spoke to Green Geeks, the hosting provider, and they say it is not on their end. While blocked I can still access cpanel and other of my hosted wordpress sites, just not the one I made the attempt with.

    I will consider asking for the server logs, but I feel they are correct and this is block is specific to my installation of WP.

  4. Hi there,

    Thanks for the extra info. Could you reach out to us from the app at My Site > Me (your profile picture) > Help & Support > Contact Support and share with us a link to your site and further details? We could then check if there are other things in play here.

    Thank you!

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