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  1. Yesterday I moved from Blogger to WordPress. So I have the very latest set-up.

    Yesterday I loaded Android's WordPress App so I have the latest version of that.

    I use an HTC Hero with the latest firmware they supply (Android 1.5)

    The last line above is probably my problem.

    I have watched the help video so know how the App should work.

    I have set up the App with my two sites. It can see they are connected OK. I can write a post, and save to draft and also to save to file, ready to send to the website.

    However, when I then tap the post to open up the window to actually post it, nothing happens. No window opens. It makes the required sound so the area is not dead.

    Am I right? Is it that this App will not work on Android 1.5 which is the most HTC have supplied for the Hero.


  2. To access the menu, all you need to do is 'long press' on the post. Just click and hold for a second or two.

  3. Hahaha... and it wasn't that long either! Thanks for that. When you get to 70 you do become very, very impatient! :-)

  4. However, now I have that working I get an error message when I try to post the draft to the blog, and I get it each time.


    The application WordPress
    (process org.wordpress.
    android) has stopped
    unexpectedly. Please try again

    Could this be because I am using my blog on and not .org?

  5. It should work fine with Try removing some of the content of your post and trying again to see if you can isolate if it is something in the post that is causing the error.

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