Website Menu not Displaying Correctly on Ipad

  1. Hello. I am finished with my website and trying to optimize it for tablet and mobile display. On mobile, the menu is presented as a toggle button and works fine. On a tablet, it is showing there is a toggle button when I am in WordPress customizer, however, when I am on my actual Ipad, the real menu is showing up (no toggle button) and the menu is jumbling together with the logo. I have found this to be because the display is bigger on the real Ipad than WordPress is calculating. When I edit in elementor, I can change the width of the screen to fix everything but the header menu. Since the WordPress customizer is the only place I can edit the menu, I cannot fix it. Is there a way to change the width of the tablet display in the WordPress customizer? I’ve been researching for hours and no luck. Please help!!
    here is the website

  2. Hi there!

    In this case, since this is not related to the mobile app itself, but to how your site works in the mobile browser, I would suggest reaching out to the Support Forums here:

    If you are having issues that are specific to the mobile app, please let us know. We will be happy to assist.

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