Timezone problem with Scheduling posts

  1. Hi,

    It seems like there is a timezone problem with the new Schedule post feature (a feature I love btw).

    When in Edit post mode the timezone is local time (local to my phone).

    When in Posts menu the timezone is the timezone of my blog.

    This is all well and fine (if a bit odd). I did some experimenting and now know what time to schedule to get the expected result.

    The problem comes when I wish to edit a post. The time from Posts menu (in my case GMT) gets inserted as a default value for publish time in the Edit window (in my case this is in GMT-3). So in my particular case every time I change a post (say, fix a spelling error) the timestamp gets changed three hours, eventually unpublishing my post...

    Easy fix would be to either translate time from Posts menu back to local time. Or always run all times in blog time (preferred).



  2. Thanks Daniel, we'll take a look!

  3. BTW. Since I'm at it.

    It would be great of the default value when changing the posting time would be the previously set posting time.

    Today the default is current time (which is a bit odd if I previously set it a couple of days into the future).

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