The upload theme button is not working in wordpress android apk

  1. I am facing problem of uploading theme button on apk. While choosing my theme from the device.

    The theme upload button in apk is not working,

    I have given permission to storage, still it's not working.
    , But it's working fine when i try to upload theme from desktop or pc.

    Please check it. And fix it as soon as possible.

  2. Hi there,

    Would you mind letting us know what's the process you're using to upload a theme from the app? Currently, it should only be possible to do this from your browser.

    Any screenshots you could share would be also helpful.


  3. I was also trying to add buttons using wordpress apk to my site Tpsmafia. But I was facing the same issue again and again

  4. From within the editor, you can tap on the + button and select the Buttons block from the list. Then you can add the button's text and tap on the gear icon to configure its colors, link, and more.

    If you're running into trouble with that, could you let me know where you're getting stuck?

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