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  1. I'm still toying around with WordPress for Android, so I guess I don't have much useful to contribute yet. However, there is one thing that I immediately noticed that was missing, something pretty important to how I use WordPress, that I thought I might bring up. I'm not sure how difficult it would be to add, but I thought I'd make the suggestion anyway.

    When I check my WP admin dashboard from the desktop, I look immediately for a handful of things: (1) Have I had any new comments? (This only happens once every so many months, so it's kind of a big deal when it happens.) (2) Is there a new version of WP available? (3) Have any of my plugins been updated? (4) Is there anything new or interesting in the WordPress News or Plugins news feeds?

    Now, I could care less about #4 when I'm out and about, and #1 is already covered by WPfA. But it would be nice to have, at a minimum, a small read-only panel that indicated the status of my plugins and WP itself. It doesn't have to be much and I certainly wouldn't expect it to be fully functional in administrating every little toggle for every little plugin. That said, having something I can quickly glance at to see if anything needs updating would compel me to use WPfA more. As it stands now, it's nice to play around with, but the Android browser is powerful enough that WP's dashboard is perfectly usable, kind of making a dedicated app moot. If I can follow a bookmark to get everything I need, why would I waste precious storage space on a separate application?

    Just a suggestion, which I hope is a helpful one.

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