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  1. Hello i instaled Word press app for mac is very nice and fast and I like it. But problem is there is no section where i can put SOURCE name of my post for news. For example on cllasic web dashboard of wp I have theme and inside of theme there is option in post setings which give me option to insert source name exaample source cnn,bbc. Is it posibile to have this theme post options in WP APP or some option to input source name ?

  2. Hi there,

    It looks like the custom field to insert the source name on your site is coming from a plugin or theme feature.

    At the moment, it's not possible to have plugin/theme features be available on the WordPress app. It only has the basic functionality of the WordPress admin.

    You might need to open your WP Admin in a web browser in order to insert the said source name.

    Let us know if you have any questions, or we can help with anything else.


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