Saving login details for multiple sites on app

  1. LeodanEvolution
    Dec 30, 2014, 8:54 PM

    I am currently running four of my own sites, as well as helping friends with their wordpress sites. I like to use the app in andoird as it is clean and works well on my android tablet.

    One annoyance that I do have is when I want to change to a different site on a different domain. What would be handy on the login screen if instead of having to click 'add self-hosted site' each time you want to change website, that there could be a list of sites you have used in the past. What would be even better would be if you could have the password saved. I run multiple sites from the app and remembering which password goes with which domain can somethimes be confusing.

    These would be a handy feature and I wouldn't have though would be too difficult to implement in the app.

    Even if it was a case of clicking on 'add self hosted site' and being presented with a list of the sites that you have saved. The app can obviously store credentials as it always comes up with the last site I worked on.

    If you were to do this then when you share something (like a picture) from another app and you get the choice of 'new post' or 'add to media library', if you could select the blog you want to share it with. I have used this feature before and inadvertedly posted to the wrong blog.

    Just some ideas ...

    Apart from this request, I think the app is ace, much better than blogging through the small screen web browser on my phone or my tablet.


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