Required XML-RPC methods are missing Issue

  1. I try to log into WordPress App but it got a error says “Couldn’t Connect. Required XML-RPC methods are missing on the server.” I read many forums but nothing good enough, nor plugin does the fix. I need Core fix and permanent solution of it as a grave issue for many.

    Screenshot :

    <img src="">

  2. Hi foxm,

    I took a look at the site referenced in your screenshot, and can see that both the XML-RPC file is missing, and your wp-admin / wp-login page has been hidden or relocated. Both of these things will prevent the WordPress App from connecting with your website.

    XML-RPC issues like this are commonly caused when a web hosting provider blocks XML-RPC. Please check with your hosting provider to find out if they allow XML-RPC on your site. It can also happen if there is a plugin/theme that conflicts with it. To check whether a plugin is causing the conflict with the app, try deactivating all the plugins on your self-hosted site to see whether that fixes the issue.

    Additionally, if you are using any plugins or security measures to move your login page, please disable those so that the app can locate the login forms at

    If none of that works, we'd be happy to take a closer look into what might be happening. Please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can investigate it from there. Please make sure to include the address of your website in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot this problem

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