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  1. I was unable to register for this site with my main email address, because it is a domain that doesn't end in .com

    My email is in the form and it kept saying there was a problem with my email address. I had to register with an alternate .com domain that is going to go away soon.

    Can you fix this?


  2. Although it seems to allow me to change it to the proper address once I have a valid ID by editing my profile...


  3. Odd... I had trouble registering too. At first I thought it was because my domain name has a hyphen in it (some folks who try to design regular expressions for parsing e-mail addresses seem to forget that fact), but when I registered with a different account on the same domain, it took it. I too was able to use a different address and then change it afterward, but I don't see why one address would work when the other didn't. Both addresses had the same domain name and the user name consisted entirely of lower-case alphabetic characters.

    On a slightly different note, it wouldn't accept my desired user name either. The only guess I can give would be its length (12 characters), as it consisted entirely of lower-case alphabetics as well. It didn't tell me that anyone had already registered it, so I don't see any other reason why it should be rejected.

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