Real Cargo Truck Driving 3d

  1. Real Cargo Truck Driving 3d
    Are you excited about a real driving grand cargo truck?? Your wait is over now. You can enjoy this fantastic realistic cargo driving in a 3d truck transporter. Become a crazy cargo driver and hit the real bumpy roads in a heroic way. You have to transport goods to offroad terrains. Drive crazily on truck in mountains and deliver goods to exact location on time. This is your time to get in this action packed game drive to mountains on dangerous truck roads. Go for offroad cargo truck drifting in your real cargo truck driving.
    About The Game
    There are ten amazing levels of this incredible 3d cargo truck driving game. You have to earn points to unlock next level in truck driving game. First level will already be unlocked for you. Try to score maximum points in a single level in this cargo game.
    In this cargo driving game you have to load and unload goods form the 4x4 truck transporter. With the help of truck cargo equipment you can easily lift heavy goods and put them in the cargo truck. You can open up the lift gate and lift heavy goods with the help of it in your truck.
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