reader on wordpress for android. possibly 6.4

  1. in a recent upgrade to the wordpress for android app, some changes were made to the reader -- in particular, images at the 'top' of the 'page' for each tag.

    these images should be disable-able for at least two reasons:
    1: if i'm using the app on a cellular connection, i don't want the extra banwidth usage.
    2: the images add little or nothing to the 'experience'. for example, currently if i go in to the reader and
    look at the tag 'curling', most of the recent hits are stories about the sport of curling -- which is what
    i'm looking for. the picture, though, is something from 'beauty4all2016' and 'clicking' on it takes me to an
    article from last june about mascara. this is Not Relevant and i want to make this image go away -- it's
    intrusive, irrelevant, and i didn't ask for it.

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