Problem accessing features for my self-hosted site

  1. Hey there, guys. I'm actually facing a problem with the WordPress app which doesn't let me access the settings or even view my posts or interact with them in any way. When I click on the Blog Posts section, it says "posts couldn't be refreshed at this time". And when I click on the settings, it stays put for a few seconds and then says "couldn't retrieve site info". I switched to some other free WordPress sites I opened before and they aren't having these problems. What do I need to tweak or change to make my self-hosted site not have these problems again? Would love as much help and answers as I can.

  2. Hi there,

    This can be caused by issues with XML-RPC or even maybe conflicts with installed plugins. Can you share with us your site URL?

    If you prefer, feel free to contact us via email. You can open a new request from the app by going to My Sites > Profile Icon > Help & Support > Contact Support.


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