Pages not showing up for Editor role

  1. I have a self hosted instance of WordPress multi site. WordPress version is 5.5.1.

    I have created a user with the role Editor.

    When I connect using the Android app, as a user with a role of Editor, I can't see the Pages functionality. I can only see:

    - Stats
    - Blog posts
    - Media
    - Comments
    - Settings
    - View Site
    - View Admin

    If I set the user role to Administrator and reconnect the site to the App, the Pages functionality appears.

    I have tried two Android devices, a Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android version is 9, WordPress app version is 15.7), and a Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android version is 10, WordPress app version is 15.7). Neither display the Pages feature when the user role is Editor.

    I've tried over wifi and data, same result.

    I've tried on the IOS app and this functionality works as expected, e.g., the Pages feature is available for the user with an Editor role.

  2. Hi there,

    Thank you so much for reporting this! I'm able to replicate this and I've reported the issue here.

    We don't have a timeline when this will be fixed but rest assured that this is on our radar.

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