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  1. I just installed this app. It's not working because I need to turn on XML-RPC on my blog :D But I have a good feeling about it :)

    What would be a really important feature for me is the ability to manage several blogs. I run WP on many sites. 3 of these sites would really benefit from being manageable from my phone. 1 of those 3 sites actually has 2 installs of WP on it (one in English in one subdomain, the other in French in another). That means I need to manage 4 instances of WP.

    Any chance we'll be seeing this some time soon?

  2. You can work with multiple accounts in the current version. After adding your first account, just hit the 'Menu' key, then 'Add Account' and add as many as you like.

  3. Well DOH. Now I feel silly :o

    Thanks for that :)

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