HTTP status code: 412

  1. When I try to login, I get the following error:

    HTTP status code: 412 was returned. Precondition Failed

  2. Thanks a lot :)

  3. Hi there,

    I had the same problem. I'm such an amateur though that I thought the .htaccess was something that was supposed to be in my WordPress files. For anyone else who might be confused, it's a file that's already in the root of your subdomain on your hosting server.

    The folks at my host, ICDSOFT / SureServer (I never really understand which) fixed mine in a more specific way than aboveā€”and within an hour of my emailing them. Here's how they explained it:


    The "Precondition Failed" error is due to a rule in our server web application firewall (mod_security). To allow access to xmlrpc.php, you can add the following lines to the .htaccess file, located in the root folder of your subdomain (MY DOMAIN NAME WAS HERE):

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterRemove 114

    The above lines disable only the mod_security rule which filters requests to xmlrpc.php. This way, access to xmlrpc.php will be allowed.

    note: We have actually implemented this change for you. Please test the application again and let us know if we could be of any additional assistance to you. Thank you.

    Best regards,

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