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  1. Hi All,
    Just got an Android phone and down loaded Wordpress 2.0.7. Everything is working OK, until I try to insert an image or anything that contains the <> symbols (HTML tags, such as links). At first the image shows, but as soon as I submit my Post/Page, the Greater than sign (<) and Less than sign (>) are stripped/removed. For example I will be inserting an image, so the HTML tag would be like so: < img src="foobar.jpg / >. The image shows fine originally, when creating the Post/Page, but as soon as I submit the image, the <> are stripped and the following code gets posted: img src="foobar.jpg /

    Anyone know what would cause this? I tried the same type of post on an iPhone, and there were no issues!

    I have searched the web and this forum with no avail.

    Kindness regards in advance!

  2. I know exactly what causes this :) Installing this plugin will fix it for you:

  3. Thank you mrroundhill (Administrator)! Works link a charm now. Best regards - rekcah

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