Good reason to create a blacked out version of app

  1. Hi All, Really appreciate your app. I write my posts on it all the time. I was a member of the beta community and I put in a request for a blacked out version of the app, or at least a setting for a black background with white text for editing. It wasn't a priority I was told. Just saw this article and thought you should be aware of what might make it more a priority. Many new, hot devices are using AMOLED screens now: Galaxy S5, and all previous versions, Galaxy Note 4, new Moto X and the new Nexus 6 phones all use AMOLED screens. AMOLED screen based phones use approximately 41% less power when used with apps that are blacked out--that is, have black backgrounds with white text. 41% is a hell of a lot of extra battery life savings and a good reason to add a blacked out setting to your app, wouldn't you think? Here's the link to the article;

    Thank you for your consideration and all you do!


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