Geotagging and Video upload issues v2.0.1?

  1. Hi all,

    First, let me say this is a great app!! I do seem to be having a couple of minor issues however so was just wondering if anyone else was experiencing them. I had these issues with 2.0 and have just updated to 2.0.1 but I am still having the same issues.

    I am running a 3.3 self hosted wordpress instance. I am running the Twenty Eleven 1.3 theme. I have two plugins installed - PrivateOnly and Geolocation.

    My first issue is that when I post from the app (either "New Post" or "Quick Photo") the geotagging information appears to be saved, but is not displayed at the bottom of the post for users viewing the blog. If I logon as an admin to the self hosted site and view the post from the dashboard, I can see the geotagging information at the bottom of the post - if I "update" the post from the dashboard (making no changes to the actual post), the geotagging information becomes available to normal users viewing the blog.

    My second issue is that I dont seem to be able to post videos from the app. If I take a video and then "Publish" it, it gets moved to local drafts in the app and I cant seem to figure out how to get it to upload.

    Anyone else experienced these issues? Its not the end of the world for me, but if there is an easy way to sort them it would be good :)


  2. I have same vid get saved as a draft on my phone and will time out if i try to pub it to my self hosted blog. Videos is the main thing I wish to use this app for. I hope i/we can figure it out! I tried ev thing i can see to try...Sad bc it is a nice app!

  3. It is a shame so many r having this 3gp vid issue and no one i wll giv answer or say it does not work they just leave us to search and search and search til our eyes go blurry! DOES anyone know how to get 3gp vid from an andriod phone to successfuly post to a .org self hosted sit! It it wont work then say so pls. I was hoping this could be use to ul vides of my homes for sale right into my wp site!
    I tried all the things I saw online to try and none work..and btw it sucks to see stuff from 2005 in the search if it will help today! Not too helpful when u read thru and think to try then see it was from 5 +YEAS AGO!
    If it wont work then patch it to remove all refs to video from the app or fix!
    Has anyone got it to work !

  4. givesuccess: I've managed to post 3gp and mp4 videos to my blog. I believe it was "PJW Mime Config" that enabled the use of other filetypes. I added the mimetype for 3gp i think...

    But now when I've upgraded to 3.3 on the server and 2.0.1 on my android phone, I can' upload videos over 10 megabytes anymore.. :(

    Video files < 10 mb works!

  5. Thanks hightowr,

    Installing the "PJW mime Config" pluggin and adding the 3gp file/mime type did the trick! I can now upload videos taken on my android phone to my self hosted wordpress blog site.

    Playing them from a windows PC viewing the blog however is a different story :) I dont suppose you know of a pluggin I can install that will allow windows users browsing the site to view the videos do you? I tried "Embed Quicktime" but no luck - thought it might be worth asking here before I spend a lot of time experimenting (as I dont really know what I'm doing!!) :)


  6. When I upload from my wifes Nexus One, the post will look like this (in html);

    <video width="500" height="375" controls="controls"><source src="" type="video/3gpp" /><a href="">Click to view video</a>.</video>

    And viewing the post works perfectly on her mac. I do believe it works good in windows too if you have quicktime installed.

    The plugins (or what it is called in the english version of wp) we have installed are:

    Add From Server
    Välj Google Analytics for WordPress
    Hello Dolly
    I Like This
    Let It Snow!
    Password protect all posts
    PJW Mime Config
    Thank Me Later
    Widget Logic

    I don't remember if we did any more configuration other than the mime thing..

  7. Oh.. I didn't read your post correctly.. I believe you have to install Apple Quicktime in Windows and restart your web browser..

  8. Good info... i did get it to pload with the pjw plugin but i cant view them in ANY browser and I have Q-time installed . I see the black player with the circle spinning but not ever plays. Also one would think it would play one the device that created the video BUT phone wont even show the player at all flash stuff. I dont see the point of adding the ability to do the vid upload if they wont play. It just got my hopes up for a big let down.. :(
    I wont give up on it yet tho.

  9. I believe it's working for you.. Your browser has to load the whole movie before it can start playing it. And this take time :-( let it load a few minutes and see.

  10. I wil try again but I did let it "load" while I cooked dinner and when i was done eating it was still spinning. I will try again tho 2b sure.
    I hav vids working as a manual upload and post here:
    it plays ok but it is mp4 not 3gp. I have to refresh to get it to work sometimes. I need to be able to upload on the road and i hope we can get this app to do it..

  11. Hi Guys,

    Still no luck here, although I'm getting closer. Problem number one was that my hosting provider wasnt serving up the .3gp files correctly, but after they added the mime type for it, these started working (i.e. if I navigate directly to the URL for the .3gp file it plays within the browser - I've now got the quicktime plugin installed).

    I'm still having trouble viewing the videos from within the post created by wordpress for android however. The HTML code generated looks the same as that posted by hightowr above, but instead of the video controls, I get a grey box with an X in it. Its like there is a default player getting in the way somewhere that doesnt understand the .3gp files - but like I say, if I access the URL from the HTML directly, the video plays (with quicktime).

    Any ideas?


  12. @gpnz
    i have the same thing going on. I had my host add to my vps config and they said it was already. I have the X in player too. My circle spins pun it never plays. My code looks like the one above too. I added them to .htaccess in root but not what else to try?? :(

  13. Can you guys post the url to your sites/post so I can take a look?

  14. oh i guess that might a bit.

    it is just space to test stuff.

  15. I wasn't able to watch your video :(

    However I can watch my videos with this (in google chrome, but not in firefox)

    <video width="500" controls="controls"><br>
    <source src=""><br>
    Your browser does not support the video tag.<br>
  16. forgot to mention that it is on my work pc at my job (windows, chrome and quicktime)

    For some reason i can not load your video.. I can't even download it in chrome. Only in firefox.

  17. Maybe the codec of the video isn't supported by some of the browsers?

  18. No it has nothing to do with the codec.. All browsers are supported by quicktime (when it's installed..)

  19. I am not sure what /where the issue is then bc i have qt installed and can play the file if i dload it and play it. qt will open and play it...but when on my site it wont play using any browser (chrome/ffox) or from phone browser...
    Should it definatly play at least on the phone that shot the vid?
    It should "fall back" to flash for html 5 but not sute it is or that i understand that right. I have a site that i used another plugin rt from th esite and it added similar code as the WordPress app but it also added some code to play it as Flash w/<object> tags just below the <video> tags. It plays bc it it cant play the file then it will play it wflash.

    ' <video id="wp_mep_1" type="video/mp4" width="400" height="350" controls="controls" preload="none" > <source src="" type="video/mp4" />

    <object width="400" height="350" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="">
    <param name="movie" value="" />
    <param name="flashvars" value="controls=true&file=" />
    </video> '

    created with this short code: [video mp4="" width="400" height="350"] by the "MediaElement.js - HTML5 Audio and Video" plugin from the repo at ,org

    from here: it added BOTH types of code so if one fails the other will play it. I hope i am right on this but i am no expert so could have it wrong about how it

    The vid is mp4 tho. I know i could prob convert 3gp to mp4 but that would defeat the purpose of using the phone to get it to post in one action.

    thanks for the help ....tom g

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