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  1. Dear all
    I am facing an issue since today. I can't upload any article on my blog by using the Android application. I have this message GENERIC ERROR and Artcial & Post saved Drafts. I tried with my smart phone and with my tablet. Both have same issues... Don't understand!!
    Thank you very much for your support.

  2. Hi shyambabu,

    There's a number of reasons you might be seeing the GENERIC ERROR when you try to upload your blog posts, but to understand what they are we might need to do a little digging and take a closer look at your site and its connection with the app.

    We'd be happy to take a closer look into what might be happening. Please go to "Me > Help & Support" in the app and tap on "Contact us" so we can investigate it from there. Please make sure to include the address of your website in your message so that we can take a look and troubleshoot this problem.

  3. m try before 3 - 2 Week your Help & Support in WP App but not responding,
    and m try XML-RPC but not effect.

  4. Hi shyambabu,

    I haven't been able to find any support tickets matching your username in our system - what's the website address (URL) of the blog you're experiencing this problem with?

    If XML-RPC isn't causing the issue, the next thing that might be the problem is a plugin or plugin conflict. To check whether a plugin is causing the conflict with the app, try deactivating all the plugins on your self-hosted site to see whether that fixes the issue.

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