don't load comments (option)

  1. Jonathan Nation
    Feb 7, 2010, 4:07 PM

    Basically, it sucks to have to wait for the app to attempt to download comments (keeping you from doing anything, if you don't have any) ... and then having another "click" to confirm there are no comments.

    There should be an option (or other default "home" ) to make it where you don't autoload comments, or it goes to the posts tab first.

    Something ... I don't know exactly the best answer.

  2. Thanks, I think a good thing to add would be to remove that progress dialog and add a little progress indicator in the tab somewhere else. That way you could move on without having to wait for the comments to load.

  3. Maybe we should change the tab menu order from "comments, posts, pages" to "posts, pages, comments", as posts are the most basical thing a blog has.

  4. we mirrored the iPhone app's tabs for some uniformity.

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