creating a post on android then renaming on the PC is bugged

  1. If you select multiple images in the gallery of your android phone, then share them with the wordpress application
    it will create a post with all the photo under each other.
    This works Great!!!
    You can really post photos quickly.

    But then you want to rename them quickly and want to do this on the LAPTOP.
    So you rename the photos with a plugin like mediafilerenamer of phoenix renamer or manually.
    The photos are renamed and it works STILL fine.

    Then you go back to your phone and edit the post with the Wordpress app.
    You do any change like one more photo or comments...

    then you press UPDATE on the phone.

    And the application will upload the OLD photo names to the blog.

    Reasons. There is no synchronization of the post links on the app and on the web. Or I do something wrong which is also a possibility.

    Any way can you help?

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