Couldn't perform operation error

  1. On my Android app, I can only save drafts for my self-hosted site to my device. When the app tries to save it to the servers, I get an error message that says "Couldn't perform operation".

    I'm operating a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ on Android version 9.

  2. Same problem this morning - I feel your pain!
    I think I have resolved it as there was a conflict between an earlier draft on the desktop site and the version saved on my phone.
    Keep trying and you should get an error message that asks you to choose which version to keep.

  3. It's a real pain. I can't save new posts I create on the app to the app so I can access them on desktop.

  4. I tested using WPAndroid version 13.2 on Samsung Galaxy Tab4 (SM-T330NU) Android 5.1 and I was able to save drafts to a self-hosted site running WordPress 5.2.3 without any problems. I tested with a paragraph and an image as well as with text-only using both the classic editor in the app as well as the new block editor.

    May I ask for more detail?

    What version of the Android app are you currently running?

    It may also be helpful to note the version of Android you are currently running.

    Do your drafts contain images or text only?

    Would it be possible to let me know which editor you are using? There is a legacy editor that looks like this and a new block editor which looks like this

    Can you also tell me if you are editing these drafts both from the Android app and the desktop or only ever with the app?

    Are you editing while offline or from a very poor network connection or do you have a fast internet connection?

    Questions like these are the kinds of details we can try to capture in order to try to narrow down steps to replicate the problem or common trends in similar reports if we find any going forward since I was unable to see the same problem when testing using myself. If you can think of anything else about how you create drafts that might be relevant, please let me know!

  5. Update: I uninstalled then reinstalled the WordPress Android app. Once I did that and logged back in, I was able to view text-only drafts that are saved on my app on desktop. I'm glad that it was something simple. Thank you@

  6. We appreciate the follow-up and letting us know. Let us know if you have anymore questions or issues :-)

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