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  1. I keep getting HTTP status code 408 !=200 when i try to sign in on my Tmobile My touch 3g. Any suggestions?

  2. A 408 error is a timeout, meaning that WordPress for Android couldn't communicate with your blog. Have you tried again?

  3. I'm having the same issue and I've tried over and over.
    I'm using Motorola Droid and I've been surfing all day on my phone; and I can access my website with my PC no problem...

    If you guys could figure out why this is happening this would be great.

    I had the previous version and it worked perfect; I upgraded to be met with this... very disappointing.

    I appreciate it...

  4. Have you tried the latest build? Also, how fast is your mobile connection?

  5. I've the latest version from the MARKET...

    My phone says that I've a 3g connection; specific speed - I can't tell you, but I can browse the web just fine.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Can you please explain when and where you are getting the error? I pinged from the app and got a response back.

  7. I have tried again and it still isn't working. I'm getting the error when i try to log in on my t-mobile mytouch phone. The version is 1.0.1

  8. i downloaded 1.0.2 and it worked... thanks for the help though

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