Charts and daily data don't match.

  1. theloneswimmer
    Jan 10, 2014, 4:42 PM

    I've been using the App since it was released. The recent major release however introduced some problems. The charts do not match with the data.

    Example, twice this week I had standout days of 1000+ views. This is a good figure because makes seeing the chart lines much easier. On each of those days the actual charts shows under 1000 pvs while the totals underneath show over 1000. (This is not the first occurrence, it just prompted me to notify). The discrepancy is not just 10 or 20 but closer to 200 pvs in one case.

    The chart on my web stats dashboard is different than the app chart.

    Here is this weeks app chart screenshot: (

    Here is the browser chart including those two recent days where it's easily seen. Old interface, new interface is also accurate: (

    The fact that Summary details are not included is another problem with the app. Requiring jumping out to a browser interface for Summary data is poor design.

  2. Thanks for the report, we'll see about fixing that up so that they match up better.

    It looks to me like today's data is rendered correctly on the chart, but the previous days don't match up. Is that what you are seeing?

    I created an issue here if you'd like to follow along with the progress:

  3. Also, does the chart update after you press the refresh button or does it just stay the same?

  4. Thanks for the response. The data stays the same after refresh. Today's data is now also incorrect. I'm currently showing 1043 pv's, chart shows somewhere around low 900s. I am unsure if you are asking if refreshing fixes the problem, which it doesn't.

    Also, every time I leave the app and return it always reverts to the Notification page, not the Stats page I left. So However when i change to the Stats page, it will either be zero, or many even show data from one or two weeks previously, which happened earlier today, showing data until the Dec 24th. I have to refresh every time. The refresh is buggy. I actually don't use it a lot so the problems are more noticeable when I do.

    I'd also like to repeat that not having summary data available as it was previously is a real downgrade of capability. It's a feature I only used when travelling and it seemed far more efficient than now using a separate browser with login.

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