Category Restriction doesn't apply on mobile app

  1. Hi.
    Very simple : I have a school website runnig on wordpress. This website is currently used by professor to post content on a blogging section, and by various staff members to publish school's news, or job offers, board meeting infos, cafetaria menus, etc.
    So I used a plugin to restrict the post category in which connected users can post
    ( I used these 2 ones, which are the most common ones : ).

    However, since the last mobile update, if any of my user download the Wordpress application, theses category restrictions doesn't apply... which is a big security issue for me, because it means a professor can now publish anything on the main page news, or in its colleague blog for example.
    Moreover, I can't do anything about it: there's no plugin to actually set this restriction on mobile through the wp-admin (or at least I didn't find any). And I didn't find any page that speaks about the code used by the mobile app in that regard.

    Would a hook exist ?
    Or any scheduled update to prevent this kind of situation ?
    Or any clue on how to restrict Wordpress app user from posting in ANY category ?

    Thanks a lot, have a good day.
    (and sorry for bad frenchy english ^^)

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