Can't Add New Site

  1. Set up a test blog as
    installed Wordpress for Android from the market.

    When I try to add the first site , keep getting a "HTTP status code 403 != 200" connection error.

    I have tried many combinations of domains and users

    was really looking forward to using this app

  2. Sorry meant to add, i'm using the latest version of wordpress, and I've tried 1.01 and the beta of 1.02 of the android client. My phone is a T-Mobile G2.
    I think it may be related to the .htaccess issue but my site is in the root of its subdomain, I've tried the .htaccess fix but to no avail

  3. If you visit (which is what the app needs to access), you get forbidden. If you change permissions on that file, it should work.

  4. Yes, I noticed that, the perms are 644, I have have tried 777 and the file still returns access denied. Most odd

  5. I'm having the same issue.

    The problem seems to be with the droid application not the site.
    My PC connection to the blog works fine.

  6. Hi Guys
    I've discovers what the problem is in my case at least, I contact my host at to ask why this file is blocked and this is there response....

    The standard xmlrpc.php script is quite commonly installed with many free
    blogging software packages. Unfortunately, it is quite easy to exploit and
    often abused by amateur 'hackers' and spamming groups for malicious

    However, most users that have the script on their sites don't actually use
    it, therefore we have decided to block access to that filename to protect
    those users.

    If you wish to use an XMLRPC service, simply rename the file to something
    like 'xmlrpc_post.php' and reference that script instead in your posting service.

    It looks like it is NOT overridable, perhaps a future version of wordpress for Andriod could have a setting to configure the xmlrpc.php file name.



  7. Hey John,

    I opened a new ticket for your problem, it should be solved in future versions of the app.


  8. Perhaps your host is thinking of xmlrpc.php files distributed with other software packages besides WP. There are no known XML-RPC exploits in current versions of WordPress. If they have information to the contrary they should contact In additional current versions of WordPress disable XML-RPC by default.

    Renaming the XML-RPC file can be made to work in the normal discovery process, but then you need to edit a core WP file in order to point it to the right location. Editing core WP files is highly discouraged as you'll loose those changes after each upgrade.

  9. Wolfgang, Please I could be of some use, I look forward to the update

    josephscott, I agree they are just blanket blocking the file, I have passed your suggestion on to my host.

    Thank you all

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