Bring back in-app view of site and admin!

  1. Using version 5.6. It appears that that the app no longer supports in-app view of the site and admin pages. I'm extremely disappointed that this feature was removed: loading the external browser takes too much time and the transition is disorienting (to the extent that I literally find it nauseating).

    I hate complaining, but I find the changes truly disappointing, and feel rather alienated and disappointed that the community was not consulted. (Added to the totally unnecessary changes to Press This, which introduce new usage difficulties, my enthusiasm for WordPress is at an all-time low ...)

  2. FYI, for those who might stumble upon this page, I downgraded to 5.5.1 via an external site. I know this is generally not recommended, so I'm not linking to the site. Standard warning for anybody reading: use caution if you choose to look for an external APK as well.

    This is a temporary fix for me: I'm hoping that Automattic will reconsider the change (or at least, um, respond to this thread?!?). Worst-case scenario, I'm prepared to migrate my sites to a different back end. I hope I won't have to do that.

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