Android App simply crashes

  1. I've set up a wordpress blog (self install) here :

    The wordpress files are stored in a sub directory here :

    Before moving the blog from the /agrum directory to the root directory, the android app was working fine.

    Right after the move, it became to crash each and every time I'm launching it.

    I have tried a clean install but it won't work. It does find the blog, but when I select it, it tries to recover comments and display an error message saying that it has to be forced close.

  2. Did you uninstall the app completely from your device before reinstalling?

  3. Yup. Just for the record, I'm running Android v1.5 on a Samsung GT-I5700 (also known as Galaxy Spica).

  4. resolved via email, but a new bug was discovered involving single quote character in the password field.

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